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The Bear

Autobox Hard To Shift From P To R

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Hi guys,

Apologies for the number of topics posted... just a couple of little niggles I'm sorting out on the motor.

My new Fusion.... shifts beautifully but today I noticed (just after I'd had my wheels balanced) that it was a bit hard and clunked in to reverse from 'P'. I put it down to being parked on an incline. But checked it a few times since and it's hit and miss as to whether it does it or not. Any ideas?

A quick Google check and it seems the shift cable could be having some trouble, whether it needs replacing or lubing up. I was under the car yesterday having a nose around and saw this going to the transmission (this is a pic pinched from Google...


Is this what I need to lube up. If so I have lithium and copper grease. I don't have any ''normal'' axel grease. Will this be ok? And do I just lube up the whole assembly?

Any help guys would be great thumbsup.gif

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hi guys,

right you can all ignore this as I've fixed the problem lol

I played about with changing gears. it seems I've not been putting my foot firmly enough on the brake when I shift. as soon as I do this the gear selector slides straight in with no resistance at all :) I thin my old car doesn't need the brake to be depressed that much but this one does... i'm thinking something is engaged to free the gears to move... and I just needed to be a bit firmer ;)

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Fords work on the premise that the brake lights have to be illuminated before the gear shift lock will disengage.

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