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Focus Mp3 Question


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Hi all,

Am new here so if I have posted in wrong place I apolgise.

I picked up my Focus yesterday new 13 reg. And I have a question about the
MP3 setup. in my old car I had a JVC MP3 player where I could skip a whole album
at a time. Is this possible on the focus' built in player? looking through the
manual I cant really find anything regarding this.

Also this is the standard DAB radio not the Sony one which is

I have many CDs with MP3s on them with 10-15 albums on each most of which I
skip as they annoy me now so is there anyway of easily skipping these


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Moved to Focus section.

I haven't tried MP3 CDs, but with MP3s on the USB, you can browse through folders. You just press left on the headunit and it goes up a level, that should take you to a track list, press left again, and you should see a folder list.

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