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Minor Scratch


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Just a question,

Got a new Focus and have noticed a very very very slight scratch on the drivers door.

Cannot feel the scratch when i touch it its that light.

Whats the best way of sorting this? I dont want to be using anything which removes the paint at all.

I have metallic paint also so not sure if theres any good recommendations to sort this. Not even had this a week yet :(

Pic of scratch attached looks worse in the pic though



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Try a small buffer on a cordless drill you can pick these up from halfrauds used on mine to sort minor sratches works a treat with the coloured polish or t cut

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Agreed a small buff would get rid of that i wet the area with a spray bottle of water when using t cut and buffers just incase you burn the paint easily done did it the first time i used a buffer luckily just a small patch but lesson learned when the old man showed me how i should have done it

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I have never buffed anything on a car so a little cautious.

I only every T-cut my older car but that was a state. T-cutting wouldnt damage the paint around the area at all would it?

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