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Stolen St Parts


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It looks like I've been the victim of a theft! Our lass noticed a piece missing off my car but thought it had fallen off in the snow. When I checked a headlight washer cover has been taken along with my front st badge and a round plastic cover on the front bumper. Some nice folk around! Looks like theyve been stolen to go on another st. Has anyone else had this

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The price of st parts on eBay means any st is fair game for the thieving scum its easy money for them the st badge alone can get them £20-£40 sorry to hear its happened but if theyve done it once they will do it again ive heard of seats being stolen wheels exhausts you name it its another reason why the car has such a high insurance bracket

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The headlight washer caps are knowen to fall off easily on both ST and RS models,

So they may have stolen to fit on another,

Toe eye cover doesn't come off easily, and your ST badge,

Surprised your front lower grill is still there, sounds like someone is retro fitting an ST front end.

Bought bumper on eBay and needs to fill the gaps,

But any non ST with st body fitted usually smooth over the headlight washer holes in the bumper,

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