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Would you recommend me a focus ?

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Hi guys im new to this forum and also the Ford scene.

Im looking for a new car as my current one ( Vectra B) has some big bills looming :(

I had almost been sold to the golf mk4 tdi 130bhp but by reading through golf forums alot of people have had alot of good things regarding focus' handling etc.

I dont know what mark model it is im looking at but its the one before last i think 2003-4 models ive seen a couple on auto trader and they do seem a good buy. for example i saw a 04 plate 1.8 wtih just 38k miles for £4000

Im curious to know what you would spec focus you would recomend me. Being only 20 its unfeasable for the st170 and RS models are teh TDCI anygood ? In good time i will probably be looking at upgrading suspension and engine componants so what model would be best for that ? I do prefer the look of the 3door models. What are the ups and downsides to the focus ?

Thanks for taking your time to read this and i appreciate any replys.

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Personally I'd stick with the Golf.

I bought a Focus and despite having a couple of Fords before (and a VW) I think the build quality now is awful. Corrosion, leaks and stuff like the fact that the bottom of the doors doesnt even have a top coat of paint !!! I had a VW and there was wax everywhere and no rust on a 14 year old car. I've just got an 05 Focus 12000 miles and have had to waxoyl the underside as a lot of the components underneath had rust on already. Its also waiting to go back to Ford to have corrosion on doors repaired due to poor standards in manufacture.This is not acceptable on a 3.5 year old car in my opinion regardless of how it handles.

Don't think I'll be keeping this one too long and certainly would not buy another.

VW are a quality build and you don't want to invest money upgrading engine etc just to find the bodywork falling apart.

Don't want to buy a Focus do you????

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