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Vibration Through Steering Wheel

Danny Sayer

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Hi not sure if anyone can help. Have been getting vibration thorough steering wheel at all different speeds. Then it goes and comes back at different times. Have had tyres balanced.

One or two of the alloys have a little buckle so that would not help. Also when braking I get a vibration through steering wheel.

When I replaced discs and pads last year when car was bought the old discs where warped. The new discs where ok but now I think they are warped again.

So think the brakes may be sticking on the front.

Might need to clean calipers and sliding pins

Any ideas??

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Disks are warped as you said i always take the sliding pins and using very fine wet and dry sand them smooth then grease them with copper grease basically any moving parts i grease and if need be sand them so they are smooth

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