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Car Not Starting Very Well After New Battery.


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Alright chaps. Had problems with starting my 59 plate 1.6 zetec. Took it back under warrenty and they put a new battey in. Problem solved.

Now about 3 weeks later its not as smooth as it was. The other day it wouldn't start twice at all but started 3rd time and was fine.

Today it stated up 1st time but sounds a little croggy. It's like it's not a clean quick start if you no what I mean. Any suggestions? Mabye a can of bg44k or whatever it's called?

The car runs perfectly when stated and sounds as It should do. Very strange.

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this sounds the exact same problem i had a few months back

about once a month my car would refuse to start, and eventually start on the 2nd-4th attempt then drive fine as normal n start fine as normal till about a month later

first port of call was the battery, took it to halfrauds to get the battery tested n it was only showing about 60% start power or whatever it was n it was the original ford battery that was put in 7 years ago.

thought i may as well buy a new battery n trumped for top of the range Bosch silver

month later, car doesnt start :mellow: so it wasn't the battery that was the problem

ran a can off bg44k through me pipes n the car has started beautifully first time every time and its been several months since i had starting problems now so it would appear me pipes was just clogged up

its worth trying it yourself n see if its the same for you. cant tell whether you have a petrol or diesel but if it's a petrol you need bg44k n if its diesel you need bg244k

what i will also say though is about a month ago my engine management light came on 2 occasions about a week apart. i had a diagnostic done and it spat put fault code p2303 which relates to the coil pack

the coil pack going can also cause the car not to start and can also cause misfire as well as making the eml come on

it can be a cheap fix though as the coil pack is only 30quid for genuine Bosch on eBay which is the same as what ford use

so in the near future i will be purchasing a new coil pack n fitting that also

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get yourself one of these then


same link i used. cant do any harm n you may find this will solve your starting problems

it may be worth getting a diagnostic done as well though to see if there are any fault codes

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i did it on a full tank but used a bit first to make room for it if you get what i mean?

actually what i did was i filled up, then i had to drive from nottingham to birmingham anyway so i drove an hour to birmingham, this made more than enough room for the bg44k n i poured the whole can in my tank when i got there

really though just doing a few miles will make enough room for it

then i just drove the car as normal n ran the tank down to a quarter n filled up again as normal. this is more than enough to give the bg44k a good flush through the pipes n i've had no starting problems since. i'm sure it must be nearly half a year ago now n like i said its started first time every time even in harsh weather like we having now

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If you bought the car fairly recently its possible the engine was steam cleaned, sometimes water / detergent can get where it shouldn't, eg the starter motor perhaps. Just a thought...

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stange thing is i took it out twice last night, i used my other key and this time put foot down on the clutch when starting and it was fine.no problems whatsoever. could it be the car still thinks its fairly warm and doesn't give enough petrol?

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