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Best All-Season Tires For A Fiesta Mk6.5


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Hi guys, I'm new here and I know nothing about cars, I've owned a Fiesta mk6.5 for 2 days now but I want to get some new tires put on for my own satety and possibly better performance.

My tyres say '195/45R16 84 V XL', I thought I had 15" alloys but I have 16".

Anyway, what are the best all-season tyres for this wheel size, I had my heart set on Goodyear Vector 4seasons but they dont seem to do it for my size :(

Any reccomendations, the price is not an issue as long as it aint silly money (which means it is potnetially an issue :P).

Thanks guys

(I keep spelling tyres as tires, sorry)

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If you want rears i wouldn't bother getting anything other than the cheapest half decent brand, i have Firestone's on the front and they seem to be pretty decent in the wet and dry they are also pretty quiet on the road, and just get the cheapest brand on the front, unless you are religious then spend yourself a lot of cash for very little gain. Oh and try independent garages and compare then with price with the big firms if possible.

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