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Fuel Filter 1.8 Tdci


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Hello all does anyone know what the part number is on a fuel filter or what it looks like ? for a 1.8 tdci Focus mines a 58 plate also how hard is it to change as mine needs doing thanks Colin.

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Looks like a can of lager (shape) and paper form like an air filter. Just go into any motor factors with your reg and they will supply you with the correct one, not expensive. Fitting it can be tricky, not a difficult job to do, its just getting it running again afterwards. The canister that holds the filter should come off and be cleaned out, then place some fuel in it and soak the new filter, before putting the lit back on to refit fill to the top with diesel, reconnect all pipe work making sure all rubber seals are present and seated correctly. Then cross your fingers and crank the engine if it fires DON'T let it die, keep the revs up for a min or so, if it then ticks over, all should be well, if not, then you need to use something like a priming bulb to suck fuel from the tank to the fuel filter housing,,, bit more tricky, but should have you going again.

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