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Cable For Iphone Charging?


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Hi guys i'm new here. I've just purchased a Fiesta 61 plate and am well impressed with the bluetooth feature for streaming iPhone audio to the stereo. My question is, what is the best option for charging my iPhone in car? I'm guessing just a regular USB cable will do the trick? Will I get any extra features if I connect my iPhone via USB rather than bluetooth?

I'm guessing the USB is for those with an mp3 player without bluetooth.

Would I be better off going for a standard cig lighter charger?

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You can use the USB wire and still stream over bluetooth you can also access you iPod library on the center screen of the car, but I find this more hassle than it's worth and I personally use Spotify and just make good playlist and skip the songs with the steering wheel controls.

You will possibly get better audio quality via USB but not noticeable unless you are pumping the bass.

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Cheers guys, regular USB cable it is then! Hopefully you can answer another question for me - does applink work with the Fiesta here in the UK? I notice there is an update that can be downloaded from ford-mobile-connectivity.com though I can't figure out if this is US only?

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