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Advice Wanted On Fiesta Mk 6.5 Tdci (1.4)


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Hi guys,

my first post.....i'm looking at buying a mk 6.5 fiesta around 07-58 plate 1.4 TDCI to replace my rather tired MG ZR, but i could do with some advice please.

Firstly does the 1.4 engine feel underpowered at all? I've heard it uses the same engine as Toyota Yaris' and that is a plus?

Second, do they suffer from any common reliability issues that I should consider?

When I go looking at some examples is there anything I should be looking for specifically that could be future issues?

So far I've been looking at 1.4 TDCI Zetec's and the Zetec Blue editions, but I can't work out what the differences are between the 2 models....can anyone help? Do both models come with heated front screens, air con and steering wheel radio controls?

I'm sure in the near future I will have some further questions, but so far I'm hoping some of you guys can help me out?

cheers in advance.


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1.4tdci defiantly not underpowered, a cracking nippy drive. excels between 40 and 70, but will just top a ton. the low profiles hug the road really well but can be a little firm over pot holes and speed bumps [tyres and suspension].

the injectors can have a poor seal. this can be observed with a smell of diesel coming into the cabin, and a dry glue look over the injector seats. its dried out diesel residue. it is an easy fix at a diesel specialist, cost me £150 to get the wifes car sorted.

this is on an 04 car, btw.

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My old 1.4 Zetec Climate Blue (08 plate) had air-Con, heated front screen, heated powerfold mirrors, reverse sensors, but I think some of those were because it had the "Visibility" and "Technology" packs (it was an ex-motability car).

The old Fiesta brochure I've got only shows the main models; the "Climate Blue" isn't shown.

Heated front screen was standard on Zetec Climate, ST and Ghia; come winter you'll love the heated front screen.

The 1.4Tdci is the PSA (Peugeot/Citroen/Ford) diesel engine.

As said above leaking injectors seals are a known problem, I was lucky mine didn't leak over the 55K miles when I had mine.

Fuel economy was good, spirited driving=54MPG, eco-driving=72MPG, average driving=65MPG; 90% of which was on the motorway.

Uphill overtaking (60 to 70) is not a strong point so be prepared to pick the right moment, but other than that it will hustle along nicely.

Providing the extra bonnet insulation is intact the 1.4Tdci is quieter than a 1.25 petrol from about 50 to 70, but slightly noisier around town.

During winter don't expect much warmth from the heater until you've covered about 7 or so miles; later Fiestas 2009? onwards have an optional "auxiliary/supplemental" heater which is an electric element in the heater to help thaw out the passengers :)

Sadly I don't the aux. heater was available in the Mk6/6.5 Fiestas unless you happen to find one that from the Nordic countries.

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Thanks for the advice guys!

I really do fancy a TDCI Zetec Climate, and ideally a blue edition would be perfect, but they are a little less easy to find!

As far as I can tell the only additions over the standard are Sony stereo, different cloth, rear parking sensors, and possibly different alloys? Am I missing anything? Do they all come with heated and powered wing mirrors and front windscreen?

I guess I have to decide whether those additions are worth it?

I've been looking on Autotrader, Gumtree, Parkers, eBay motors.......are there any other places I could look?

I've read a bit about the injector problem, but people are saying it could cost upto 1.5k to fix? Are they overeacting?

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new here, been in the shadow's for years, Currently i have a 08 plate zetec blue 1.4 tdci, with the heated screen, power fold mirrors (one motor broken) and the real joy the sony stereo with blue tooth and aux socket.( no parking sensors) Done 135k in mileage with the injector seals being the only problem, £70 at my local garage and all sorted.

Timing belt i think lust got done at 125k and the service is every 12.5k, engine still runs as good as ever but now a noticable blue puff on start up.

Getting my new 1.6tdci zetec ECOnetic with the start stop stuff tommorow so maybe some pictures for you.

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