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Fiesta Mpg


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hi guys ,as a recent purchaser of a fiesta 1.4 zetec ,ive just done my first official mileage check at 178 miles and its come out as 27.6mpg?

now i know i do a large number of very short journeys to and from work and its been cold etc but that figure seems alarmingly low .

what do you think of the mpg figure?is it too low?

my car is a 2012 model ex lease car

thanks in advance

kevin :wacko:

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That's shockingly bad! How do you drive the car?

I have a 1.6 with 134bhp and even with a heavy foot I would average 30 around town.

It may need a good service, maybe some fuel cleaner and make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure and the tracking is aligned.

What's the mileage like on the car?

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the mileage is 19k i got it from a ford main dealer in milton keynes .it is due for its annual service so i m going to point it out to them .admittedly most days i do less that a mile to work and the engine hasnt got warm .maybe thats the reason .anyway im not happy with it and im going to ask them why anyway .

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I would reccomend trying a longer route home or too work, i have realised that my 1.4 MK 6 uses alot less fuel by going a bit further, my morning journey is about a mile, i then drive about 6- 8 miles home, i have found that it runs a lot smoother and more quietly as well, its as if the injectors clog up, it also helps get oil up top on the engine, i would try it for a week and see if it makes any difference. Oh and for the record it gets a fair bit of abuse as i have to join a busy main road that is always fairly busy, no red lining but a fair bit of toe. I have heard that ford engines like to be revved also, if you have the worst habit of changing into 5th gear at 30 mph then try speed matching the gears.

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thanks guys for your help .ill certainly give it a go nathan .im also going to give it a further mpg test and see how the second one pans out

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I suggest getting a good quality after market air filter and using premium fuel.

I have the 1.6 petrol and it does:

70mpg cruising at 45-50mph.

48mpg combined

35mpg around town although on choke only expect to see around 26 until warm.

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