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Ford Headlight Question.....


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took my car in to a ford dealer to replace a headlight that had condensation. they replaced this under warrenty, however the one the put in has a silver bit on the inside like bellow where my origunal is black


so now ford have left me with on silver part on one headlight and black on the other side.

they say they dont make the black part any longer due to quality issues?

a new silver one would be £60 but should i complain to ford about this? where do i stand on this one?have i got a casse?

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Tell them they will have to find you a black one as these are much more sought after than the standard silver ones.... Can't even believe there trying to do you over like this, I'd be fuming. How the hell did they think it even looked anything like right after fitting it is beyond me !!!

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The headlight is black inside. It's the trim on one edge of the new one that is silver and is the problem. Apparently the service woman said they didn't make the all black one anymore but when I rang up the parts department they had one in stock! Either way I will get it sorted. They just tried to fob me off, some people would accept it but I will keep going until I get an exact replica headligjt unit.

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