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Ford Focus Satnav With Missing Card.


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Hi all.

New member here. Today. I signed to take a 2011 focus. But the bloke said they couldnt find the satnav card. And that theyre easily aquired. Is this true? Could i get my hands on a ford satnav card. Stick it in and have it work? Or is the unit useless now?

Cheers for your time


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I would ask him to supply the card if it's as easy as he says it is.

You can get the cards , If it's a Mk2.5 Focus you can buy them from eBay 50 upwards , if it's a Mk3 then a lot more , From a dealer they will be a lot of money.

Tell him you want the card supplied , as your not paying peanuts for the car and you want to make sure it works.

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Here is an example on eBay

For a Mk2.5


This fits the FX oval type model , the one without the climate control built in.

But i would make them suppy the card.

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Did it look like this


If its the same as the one on eBay then the link to the card 2010 Uk and Turkey maps SD card is the latest version that you will need.

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I think that was the one yeah! So likely to cost about 45 for it then.

Yes around that price for a second hand one.

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