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Focus St 250 Tangerine Scream Detailed + Dmb Badges


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Russ at midlands car care detailed my car today, cant recommend Russ enough and the service was fantastic, here are a few pictures and the link to the detail can be found here


DSC06414 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06416 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06418 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06421 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06422 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06423 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06437 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06438 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06439 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06440 by RussZS, on Flickr


DSC06442 by RussZS, on Flickr

Thanks for looking guys

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Looks good

thanks bud

Looks awsome,

Any pictures of your motor with the same treatment ?

that is my motor mate

Why have I suddenly turned green?!

Lovely car and nice photography too.

haha, thanks buddy

looks amazing fella ! what sort of cost was that detailing work if it not to much of a rude question

for a new car protection your looking about 150 - 200. Depending on what you have done, i had the interior protected, the wheels protected, the glass coated, its also got swisswax best of show on it, this is a £800 wax, with zaino underneath it.

Ravi , very nice m8 , when did you get the ST?

got it march the 1st bud

beautifull...its def pristine but the carpark lighting adds a tad on effect :)

thanks bud

also a few pictures with my dads






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A lot more expensive than i expected, but a good call to get your cars done from new to protect your investement

Now what everyone wants to know, which is fastest, yours or your dads?, does the tangerine scream really give the edge in speed? :lol:

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These truly are stunning cars :D being a detailing addict myself I appreciate the amount of work that has gone in to that car and it looks amazing. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the panel gap on the bonnet. Always looks like its open. Nothing major though

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