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Enable Factory Drl Without Auto On Switch


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I have a 2005 focus 1.8tdci and I have been reading about Daytime Running Lights.

As you know, in Scandinavia, headlights are always on. The same with UK spec Volvos.

Does anyone know how to enable the headlamps so that they are always on when the car is running? I don't have the auto on switch as described in another post about DRL's.

Thanks in advance


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i think its a case of going to ford and getting them to program the CEM.

the smaller volvos are the same as the focus and the master tech at volvo told me that you have to program the CEM to switch them off.

my mum has a saloon with auto lights and ford told me it couldnt be done. emailed ford technical and they told me that they wouldnt cover (warrenty wise) the car as im taking it away from spec... WTF! the car is 4 years out of warrenty. i didnt even bother replying to the letter they sent

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got a letter from ford today which said that it can be 'fitted' but it will involve replacement parts and programming and it would cost a lot and it would be best to speak to your local ford dealer about it

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