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2011 1.25 Fiesta Click When At Idle


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as said in the title when I pull up at traffic lights or stop in traffic a few seconds later there will be a click coming from the engine bay sometimes accompanied by a small surge in revs. it sounds like a solenoid/relay.

the sound has been bugging me for the past few days. had the car for a month but only noticed the sound last Saturday while moving through a busy drive thru :lol: has anyone had a similar issue and is it normal or an easy fix.

Just got shot of a Fabia VRS which was plagued with issues, had to replace turbo, cylinder head needed skimmed due to water ingress into cylinders, rear door seals leaked leaving the rear floor a swimming pool and it cornered like a bus. Very sharp in a straight line and great on motorways but this didnt make up for everything.

thought i had downgraded when i traded for a 80bhp Fiesta but I am blown away by everything the wee Fiesta has to offer. Superb handling, nippy engine and great build quality in comparison to the Fabia. Only 10K miles on the car and I'm looking forward to a long and happy relationship. Loving have a dry car again as well haha

Many apologies if this has been brought up before but I'm not great at using the Search function lol

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First welcome to the Forum.

By the sounds of it I'd reckon the click is the radiator cooling fan kicking in and the raise in revs is to keep the voltage up due to a higher demand on the system.

I'm pretty sure it's all normal but if any Fiesta owner here can say categorically otherwise I'm sure they'll soon put me straight.

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well that sounds harmless.

thanks for the quick reply. previous problems with last car has me a nervous wreck when it comes to the slightest sound. going to have to get used to the new noises of a new car.



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Has your Fiesta got air con. Could be the air con compressor kicking on and off too

If your heater direction control is blowing air to the windscreen the air con comes on automatically as part of the quick clear system

Moving the control one position away from the screen stops the air con coming on

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yes it does have air con. many thanks for the tips guys!! i'll need to give this forum a thorough read.

thumbs up to the responses and the forum itself. hopefully be able to help someone else in future :-)

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