2003 Mk1, Headlight Change And Question

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Hello, new here at ford owners club :) So hi everyone at the focus section!

I have some fast questions before i order new headlights from a norwegian store for around 200£ or should i maybe just order some cheaper from ebay for 140£ (with included shipping and import fee)

But im not sure, i have no experience with changing lamps in the front or buying from ebay. So was thinking maybe someone here have experience. Anyways here is the lamps i was thinking of ordering from ebay. Or do anyone have any recommendations ?

Sorry if iv posted this at the total wrong place ^^


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All in the right place buddy.

Those lights will definitely make a difference to the front of your car.

Tbh whether you order from eBay or direct from another source they may well be exactly the same items just that going through eBay is cheaper for some companies.

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