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Faulty Ignition Switch?


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Hi, I have a 1997 1.3 encore MK4 and it has become problematic today.

Was working fine until this morning. Then when I got to work, took the key out and the engine was still running, the radio etc all turn off but i have to pretty much stall the car or drive a little bit to cut the engine out.

When I take the key out there is a light on the dashboard that flickers quite fast and I'm assuming that it's the starter switch having a bad connection in the off position?

Am I right? The car has had a problem with the rear wiper which isn't working but I don't think there's a short circuit anywhere that could be causing it.

If it is the ignition switch is it easy enough to replace? The car is coming to the end of it's like I think anyway but i was hoping to get atleast a few more months out of it before replacing it, it's only done about 60,000 miles.

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Sorry to double post, but just had another look at the car this morning, and turns out all I need to do to cut the engine once the key is removed is tap on the brake pedal slightly! does that mean anything to anyone?

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