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Mk6 Fiesta Lx 2004 Wheel Nut Thread Size?


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What is the Mk6 Fiesta lx 2004 Wheel nut/thread size?

Really need to know ASAP if possible,


M12x1.5 mate all fords are the same.
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Cheers, need to pick up some wheel locking nuts tomorrow,

Do i just generally ask for m12x1.5 wheel locking nuts?

Yes just ask for:

M12x1.5 alloy wheel locking nuts


M12x1.5 steel wheel wheel locking nuts

Alloy wheel nuts have a taperd edge to sit in to alloys,

Steel wheel nuts have a flange to grip around the steel wheel hole.

McGard would be the best on the market but any anti-theft nuts serve their purpose.

So you may buy cheaper online:


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Also if your not buying a ford set then ensure they are M12x1.5 and the locking key has a 19mm end.

The 19mm end will mean it is the same size as your standard nuts

So you can use your wheel brace to remove the locking key nuts aswell as the standard nuts.

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