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Lights On Dash


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I all, hope somebody out there can help me, a few weeks a go engine light started to come on and go off and car started to chugg as if she wasn't getting enough petrol, I think it was dirty petrol, light has been off now for a few days but its come on again to day, garage can't find out what the problem is, now the handbrake light stays on, indicator lights don't work on dash, they work on the outside, cruise control won't work and I have to open doors manually, when handbrake light goes off everything works fine again for a while the light comes on again and everything fails again. Oh it's a focus ghia saloon. Really need help here. Cheers Caroline

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I had it at a genuine ford garage, said they can't find the problem and still charged me 89

That must have been one of the 'master' mechanics on that day.

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