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Problem With My Car?????


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Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. I have 2 problems with my car. Problem 1 is when my car gets warm it starts jerking around at low revs (below 3000rpm) it is getting really annoying now. The second problem is my clutch seems to be quiet high (thought it was clutch). I noticed yesterday while i was looking underneath the car that there was fluid coming down the side of the gearbox just underneath the slave cylinder.

It's a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2000 (W reg) it has done just over 150,000 miles. I would not mind but only had the car for just under 2 weeks. I'm quiet good at doing repairs myself. Just don't want to go out and buy parts if I don't need them.

Any advise would be grateful. Sorry if posted this in the wrong place but I'm new to the site lol.

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First of all, hello and welcome to the forums :)

does the car only feel jerky when the engine is warm?

as for the clutch, have you checked the clutch/brake fluid resevoir?

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The jerking can be the HT leads breaking down. Usually happens when warm. May be worth changing the leads and plugs anyway if its not been done in a while.

As Stef asks, check the reservoir. If that's low it is the likely cause of the high clutch and the leaking fluid. If that's full, you need to get some of the fluid on your hands and have a sniff. Gearbox oil smells horrible so should be able to identify easy enough. Alternatively It could be engine oil leaking down from higher up in the engine.

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thank u for the replies. sorry that it has taken me so long to get back. I checked the clutch fluid today and its full. i have not got round to doing the ht leads. but the car is now doing it from the second i turn the key and start driving. I have noticed something else while i was checking the fluid. My front crossmember is bent. Does any one know how much or how i can fix it as the car is due for its mot next month :(.

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