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Suitable Jacking Points

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Hi Guys,

The question, whilst predominantly for my CMAX should hopefully help others who may ever experience this issue... (hence posted here :))

So, I went to screwfix and picked myself up a cheap 2 tonne bottle jack! They are much easier to use than the conventional scissor jacks and for a tenner, I thought it was worth a shot... Now that I have had chance (while fitting parking sensors) I thought "why not jack the car up for easier access".... Got the jack out, lined it up and.... oh.... its about 2 milimetres too tall to sit just under the sill that I would normally place my scissor jack on!

So rather than have it gather dust, I want to know if I can use any other suitable jacking points...

For example, the sill with the markers (cut out either side to show the boundaries) technically sit in the middle of the jack and the two lips would be the actual lifting force that go out to the road, and in to the centre of the car... So would it be safe to put the bottle jack alongside the sill (outer edge towards the road) and jack there? or with bottle jacks, is it best to jack from more of a robust point (perhaps such as an axle?).

Otherwise, I would have to get the scissor jack out, get the car up by a few mm then put the bottle jack under to finish the job, then drop the car back onto the scissor jack just to get it on the ground (without trapping the bottle!).

Shame I didn't measure it, but for the sake of a couple of milimetres...

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I had the same problem. Thought it would be a good idea to leave in the boot wouldn't take up alot of room and like you said easier to use.

Well after 2 failed attempts I ended up getting a trolley jack but unfortunately I leave it at home and only use it on the drive.

Looks like the car jack will have yo be used in emergencies.

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hmmm shame really, I hope that the jacking points alongside can be used would be a shame to waste it, and I dont really want to have to raise the car to get it to work :p

short of carrying a couple of small blocks of wood, and driving the appropriate wheel up it to get it off the floor to put the jack under, it would be a shame to see it go to waste... dont suppose anyone else has any idea's solutions?

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