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2013 Sportvan, Rear Seats?

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Hi Folks, New member to the forum.Hoping someone can help tell me if rear seats from a 10-Plate would fit into the back of my Van. I removed the grate, bulkhead and sub-floor to have a look underneath. It looks like there are fixing points on the chassis and behind the plastic trim. I'm guessing that everything would just bolt in there?

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First welcome to the Forum Iain.

Concerning the seats, you're best off checking the hole alignment first to ensure they match up and also that the holes are suitably robust enough to securely hold the seats in place.

If the main body and chassis is the same as a standard vehicle (which they tend to be with just having all rear trim stripped out) you should be fine, just don't forget the seat belts. :)

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Thanks Clive, my problem is I don't have a rear seat to try out in the first instance. I stripped out much of the floor and trim and took pictures. There appears to be mounting locations at the sides and along the back but I can only assume at this stage that everything is there. Centre seatbelt mounting, for example - there doesn't appear to be any holes in the floor for this. Perhaps they fasten to the seat base? Perhaps I'm just not seeing it. I think Ill go out today while I have a day-off and see if I can find a fiesta with an owner prepared to allow me to look under their rear seats. Hardly spoilt for dealerships where i'm from!

If anyone has pictures of under rear seat fixings, would help greatly.

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