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Front Fog Lights Swap On 2005/6 Focus Tdci


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I have a 2005/6 Focus TDCI in Silver which has the black front fog light plastic surround.

I wondered if the 2006 Galaxy fog lights as shown in pic will fit in place. I HATE black plastic trim and I would like to swap out the front fogs.

Can anyone confirm its possible and if so is there a guide or is it straight forward?

Thanks in advance


I want the above to go on the same style front below


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As above, have never heard it done before so you may have to try it for yourself. If I'm honest I can't imagine it would be a simple swap. I'd have thought with the bumpers being different that the lights would be a different shape.

Another one here with a hatred of the black plastic trim, hate the valances, rear spoiler and rear bumper insert as well. Have you thought about just colour coding your plastics?

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Galaxy ones won't fit without major bumper modification, there's a lot of plastic and brackets behind them.

One option if you want the shiny effect-


Either that or remove your current ones and colour match or gloss black them.

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Shame they won't fit. Got a mate who will spray the tailgate handle, spoiler, door trims so whilst he is at it ill get him to do the fogs too. Shame, as I liked the Galaxy ones. Unless there is another mod which can be recommended??

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Not that I know of bud, sorry! I reckon get them colour coded with the other parts, or maybe just the top part colour coded and the lower bit gloss blacked like Stoney has suggested.

You just gettin the bits you mentioned above done, or will you be able to get all the black plastic done? I'd push to get the grill surround, mirror caps, door handles, rear bumper insert, and front and rear lower valances all done as well!

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