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Crunch From Rear Passenger Side Wheel!?!


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Hope someone will be able to help with this one, its happend to me twice this week...

Basically i get in the car, start the engine, put it into gear (be it 1st or reverse) release the handbrake and go to pull away, then crunch!!

It feels as though the handbrake is not disengaging on the one side. Like the car will drop or raise slightly as if the handbrake was still on, the i get a loud crunch then it seems fine...

Has anyone had any similar problems, or have heard of this before?? if so how do you go about fixing this??

Annoying thing being that i just had last service and m.o.t last month, so warranty now finished,but ive only put 40-60miles on the clock since having it done.

and its not the knocking sound you get at 12mph before anyone replies with that one lol

Any other suggestions or ideas will be much appreciated!!


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sure its not like more of a rather loud pop than a crunch?

it could be the brakes rusting and sorta seizing up

which is perfectly normal n mine does it all the time

usually when its been raining etc n the cars been parked up over night with handbrake on

i'll get in the car, into reverse, handbrake off.. and POP

really loud n its made the Missus jump a few times

it's cause even though the handbrakes off, the brakes are still stuck on

then soon as you start to move they release

it's perfectly normal n just happens

there was a discussion on here about it a fair while ago

i was thinking what the hell is that myself till i heard of other members experiencing the exact same thing

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cheers mate i will sleep well tonight lol

another quick one for you... when washing the car the other day i lifted the bonnet to find an absolute mess!!

at first glance i was worried a pipe had split but im pretty sure its just to do with the recent weather and salt from the roads (i hope!!)


it looked like this all over lol

ive never owned a car before with a spotless engine bay, so when i saw this i was like 'ahhh wtf!!' lol

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the after photo isnt that much better than the before lol

but i only gave it a really quick going over n didnt go into all the nooks n crannies but you can just about get the idea





using only wd40 and a wrag

but yeah i recently opened the bonnet to find similar splatter after the recent weather we had

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Hi mate. Maybe the same thing but I have a rally puma, my friend has a newer shape fiesta and another has a Mk6. All have suffered with a stuck rear brake shoe. They have always been when the weather was wet/damp and it got cold. Must freeze up somehow. once one of the cars couldnt actually be moved until the next day as it was so bad. Maybe the same problem

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as above even the rear drums do it always the rear passenger side always in wet cold weather i find spraying the handbrake cable at all the points where it passes through with spray grease does solve it a lot of road gunk gets stuck up in there and causes it to stick but its something that you have to do every 3-6 months

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thats dirty to me some work to be done me thinks

if thats what you call dirty you can come n give my engine bay a good thorough clean for me

if you do a good enough job i won't even charge you for the honour ;)

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Sound like the brake shoes/drums at the rear for me too. Had a similar problem with our Saxo a few years ago and they seized up completely. if that wasn't bad enough they seized up at the in-laws place :o so we had to stay longer while it got sorted.

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