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2013 Focus Or 2013 Mondeo

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Hi all,

I'm in lucky position of being able to buy a tax free car for export and have been getting quotes on both the Mondeo and Focus.

Because of savings i'm making im looking at Titanium X 2.0tdci Hatch in both cases, with options such as sunroof, full naviagtion and bi-xenon headlights. I have to have the car deleivered before September, hence I cannot wait until the new model Mondeo is around.

I've been quoted 17,200 STG for the 2.0 Tdci Taitanium X Focus, and and 2 quotes of 16,050 and 16999 for the Mondeo equivalent (with automatic transmission) - not sure of the difference between the two but the lower one could be a mistake.

I plan to drive these cars for a while, say 8 years or so before upgrading, so i want to balance ride comfort, driving experience and perhaps getting something for them when i trade in.

Which is better option? Mondeo is bigger, more bits come as standard, but the model is just about finished (hence big discount), and not likely to be worth anything in 8 - 10 years while Focus is more expensive but perhaps more a 'fun' drive and likely to age better as its a new model?

Any advice on which to go for?



PS, i also checked out the new VW Golf (22k for simialr spec) and BMW 320d x drive automatic (26k for similar spec)

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i would defo go for the mondeo. alot more comfort. to be fair in 8 years they will probably have at least 1 if not 2 newer shap focus'. I wouldnt have thought shape will make that much difference, they will drop it now to shift them so if you get the saving now your ok.

the big saving has already been had before you made the purchase, where you would get caught out would be had you paid full price and then in September when the new one came out tried to sell it

Also to be fair people that are buying 8 year old mondeo/focus are not really going to be interested in shape. may be a couple of hundred difference if that

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Mondeo is a lot bigger and wont handle as well as the smaller focus. So depends what u want it for, cruising on long journeys or throwing it around country side bends.

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