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Henry's Walker

Usb Locked Out

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Hi all,

I had the USB port fail to work on my 6 week old 1.0L Focus and this seems to be a common problem both here and abroad. There does seem to be a lot of posts on the web with the solution of removing a fuse to allow the port to become useable again.

Most forum's indicate the removal of fuse 67 in the passenger compartment for about 30 seconds. I tried this without success.

I had to remove the fuse in the load compartment [boot] that is protecting the Info and Entertainment display. That is the 7.5 amp fuse number 14.

As soon as it was popped back into place the USB started working again.

My apologies if this had been posted here before but there is so much info on this subject that I thought it worth posting.



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so what happens exactly? can you switch the radio to usb input or not? or does it sit there as if there is no valid USB connection?

What happens if you plug the USB drive into your PC? does it prompt that the device needs formatting?

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The problem initially started by taking an age to load all my Ipod tracks, in fact it never managed to complete what it was doing. Then it would not recognise anything plugged into the USB although it did seem to know if something was plugged in or not.

I tried master resetting the port from the menu's available, lost phone pairing but still the USB would not recognise my Ipod [however the din plug line in did work with the Ipod at this stage].

I guess if it had been my PC at home switching off / on would be all that is required and so thats why I followed other forum advise and tried the removal of the fuse. Other forum's seem to indicate that it may be a software issue between Microsoft [sync] and Apple.

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