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Service Help- Focus 1.6 Ti-Vct


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I need to service my car (Focus 1.6 (petrol) Ti-VCT. I have just bought a Pipercross panel filter to replace the standard air filter and am now looking for other service parts of which I have questions.

What 5w30 oil would be best for this car? As for an oil filter I am just going to buy a standard one.

I have looked on the car and in the Haynes manual and yet can't seem to find a fuel filter :S I am probably just being blind but can someone give me a hand?

I was looking at getting some iridium spark plugs to replace what's in there now but heard stories that they don't work well with the car, anyone got any info on this?

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With the ti vct aoart from the air filter get the oil from ford its cheaper than other places the pkugs should be Bosch super plus yitrium plugs to match the coil pack stick with those but they need regapped from 1.3mm to 1.0 mm fuel filter you wont find its oart of the fuel pump sender unit so if it needed changing you need to buy a new sender unit for the fuel pump try to stick with genuine parts on this engine it doesnt take well to other parts like ngk plugs etc

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