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Engine System Fault


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My Focus 1.8 TDCI 55 plate have been in garage having DMF and clutch change.

During road test after doing work and before handover they said that the car was low on fuel( 44miles) and it was jumping a bit. Likely a bit of crap in the filter.

So I filled up at Shell and got 2 miles down the road and the car jerked violently forward and lost power. Speedo dropped and the battery light flashed. No engine light came on but got message "engine system fault". Then lost all power and crawled to a halt.

Managed to start car again. Reved it to see if issue cleared and same thing happened.

Then tried starting again. Nothing. To me seems a fuel issue. Garage picked car up and will run diags tomorrow. But I've only had car 2 months. Any ideas what it will likely be? No doubt another sleepless night!

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Sounds like air in the fuel lines or a duff/dirty filter.

The MK2 Focus diesel is very sensitive to fuel filter problems.

Any air or a dirty/badly sealed filter will cause problems.

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Car update. Fault code diagnosed as problem with NEW flywheel. New one ordered Monday. Hope to have car back Monday night more likely Tuesday. Feckin' carz!!!

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They were very apologetic :-)

They refitted the DMF as it wasn't quite in right. Car now drives perfectly.

No more wobble or vibration at 50 - 70mph

They replaced the clutch and the cylinder.

Car drives like a brand new Focus now - Very happy!! :-)

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