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Failed Mot Brake Hose Burst


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The focus went in for its mot he did the front brake passed them not issues with hose or function did the rears and the the pedal sank to the floor, the front drivers brake hose burst. He said he was going to give me an advisories for them being worn. He moved the hose so it wouldn't stress the kinked looking bit. But on doing the rears it burst.

Said he had never seem a problem like this. He said its lucky it happened here and not on an emergency stop.

Sadly I couldn't drive the car away and had to leave it with them to fix. £36 one new hose I'm having both done and £42 labour and bleeding.

Other than that passed on everything else with one advisories on a bit of corrosion on front springs.

Interestingly last year they advised me my rear control arm bushes were shot which they are but have said nothing about it this time. I will be getting them done soon.

Never heard of a brake hose bursting on and mot ?

He did said when he checked they hoses there was not bulging when the brake pedal was pressed with the stopper. Just a little worn but not excessive.

I hate mot time but on what he says and shows me this is a good thing and a lucky near tradegy.

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A garage I used to take my cars to advised me two years in a row that my brake discs were worn and issued an advisory that they would need replacing within 6 months.

Had a works mechanic check them out and there was sod all wrong with them.

Suffice to say I don't use that garage again.

As a rule of thumb, don't always believe what a garage says, have a look yourself.

If they say they've replaced something insist on seeing the old bits yourself.

Also never trust a garage that does a lot of taxi mot's or repairs as they always do them mates rates so as to draw in other taxi's, then they charge other drivers more/do non necessary work to make up any shortfalls.

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it happens, be thankful it was there and not when some kid ran out in front of you...though any kinks in hose needs very careful checking for damage, especially if that kink has been there for a while

was asked to carry out repairs on a failure last year, knew the garage that carried out the test and always found them sound in judgement...customer drove 2 miles home and parked up till i got there 2 days later...whilst carrying out repair i had to remove a heat shield, doing so revealed signs of a brake fluid leak...went to check the pedal for sponge/drop to floor...it was fine...informed the owner what i found, she went ballistic with the tester despite me explaining if i hadnt actually seen the minimal amount of fluid leaking, which was only because of removing that shield, i wouldnt be any wiser myself...

i renewed the pipe, with the old one off, didnt take much to split the pipe..in other words, another lucky escape...

an mot is only proof of roadworthiness of items they can actually see without stripping,at time of test...no more

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My first Fiesta had one go on its mot, was quite amusing seeing the failure sheet with all the mentions of brake efficiency not being good enough. Strange thing is though it was in for a service & mot but the garage I took it to didn't do the mot themselves, they drove it to a local mot station so I wonder how they got it back. Either they put it on something to take it back, the guy servicing it fixed it there (which I don't believe happened as I know they were working on it later in the day back at the garage), or they drove it. Thinking back, I'm curious as to what happened now!

But regarding them splitting, I just put that down to the fact they probably brake a lot harder in the mot than you do in general driving so really it may have been at fault for a long time before anyway?

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Got the car back :) one thing that mildly annoyed me was they did not put the dust cap back on the bleed valve.. had a spare lurking. you should see my cupboards lol.

@ Jeb I saw it in situ, fluid all over the tyre wishbone. I should have snapped a shot. He showed me where the hose had flexed/kinked naturally. he moved it down basically so that spot would not wear anymore. He did mention he gave it an advisory both sides.

I see this as a real lucky escape! both hoses now changed. Feels a little firmer although was firm before.

two other advisories on the rear springs slightly corroded, I asked about this and if it needs changing soon, he said no. I asked why it was listed he said he has to list anything he sees incase a vosa inspection vehicle pulls me over leaving the station.

I do have a good look at advisories before sorting then as sometimes they are crap tbh.

odd thing is when it went in for a service they did a full brake check and mentioned no issues with the hose.

Goes to show the mot test has its uses. I'm definitely grateful. Especially when looking at that hose burst and dripping.

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just for you jeeb :)

popped back to the garage and he said he's keeping the hose as proof of a miracle. I took a photo.

I guess that says it all.

Maybe a heads up to all, could be worth fitting braided hoses.

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just share the numbers Dean that will be all we need, I will hopefully be sharing your winnings, but if I do win, I will definitely contribute some to your back pocket!

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lol ... Hmmm rubs chin. ok after much thought I've decided to share as good fortune should be shared. Put lottery voice on. 4 28 32 44 8 17 and bonus ball 15. I have actually bought a ticket with these numbers today. That's it gents after tomorrow I will build a focus or ford gentlemen's club where beer is cold and snacks are plentiful. A four post lift in the corner with a semi sober master ford technician on hand to fix. the other end next to the snooker table sits Mr alloy refurb for those embarrassing a cidents. Many more features to come!

good luck all! :)

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hehe you may be right, but if your wrong I will make sure you get a job at the FOC clubhouse handing out mints with FOC stamped on it :-p .. us fordsters stick together.

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lol I know but don't worry if we down scale it and build it as a tree house and we all chip in we can do it but the snooker table won't fit but I have a connects 4 set. Don't let the dream die!

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