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Condensation Inside Front Headlight Consol


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can you guys give me some advise on the easiest way to cure my problem inside the headlight.does the plastic front unclip off,do i have to remove the whole unit and air it out,can i remove just the bulb unit to air it out,post-42689-0-72137700-1366123596_thumb.j any one have a step by step guide

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Two screws and then two clips , see my DRL guide below and it will show you how to get the head light out , remove the bulbs and air dry it , i would say the clear lens has a bad seal , best bet would be clear silicone sealant around the join see if it improves it , also check the bulb rubber grommets are not cracked or split as this could alow cold air in that can condense.

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I've saw this trouble before in the mk2 units,

Resolved by putting a silica gel desecent bag inside the unit.

Before inserting the bag; attach a string for easy removal.

The silica gel inside the perferated bag will absorb and trap the moisture preventing condensation and storing it in the bag for you to remove and dispose.


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As Lenny says, whack in a silica bag

I bought some aftermarket mk2 light units that had to come from germany, and condensation would appear within seconds of turning em on. Moisture must of got in em in transit from being on the plane etc

Popped a silica bag in each headlight unit n the condensation problem literally disapeared within minutes n aint come back sinse

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