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Visteon 6000Cd "phone" Issue


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My car is fitted withe the Visteon 6000CD but as far as I know not bluetooth (no signs of Voice on the stalk).

Unfortunately the radio/CD playback (probably Aux too if I used it) keeps being interrupted & the display shows "PHONE". This is happening enough to be a complete pain. Often the only way to restore sound is to switch it off & then on again.

Anybody else had this?

Could it be a firmware problem & if so how can I check version & update?

Any other suggestions?

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I'd pull the radio forward and check that all wires and plugs in the back of the quadlock connector are secure.

Be sure you have your radio code before doing so!

A wire moving around is a likely cause of the random phone situation, although I have searched for this error and it has been recommended to put a resistor into the system to stop an apparent problem where random power feedback can give a false phone connection signal to the radio

From AVForums.com-

Problem should be solved by short-wiring pin 5/6 but nevertheless I have connected 500 ohm between pin5 and 6 on B second connector just to be ensure that low current flows (12/500 = 12 mA) if by any chance phone-mode wire connects to ground. For better appearance i soldered 500 ohm SMD resistor inside the radio on radio's motherboard.


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