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3 Year / 37.5K Service

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Hi all,

2008 1.6TDCi 110 here. Just having the 3 year / 37.5K service (only had an interim done last year due to mileage). I've been quoted £387.60, including the DPF Eolys fluid topup, from an independent garage that I know and trust. Does this sound reasonable. I understand that this includes:

- Oil & filter change

- Air filter change

- Pollen filter change

- Fuel filter change

- DPF fluid change (edit: of course not DPF filter change - I wish!!)

Evans Halshaw quoted me £164 (!) which is crazy as the DPF fluid itself is around £100 of the overall charge. Can't say I really trust that that is a full service as above.

Any thoughts would be good. I don't have the facilities or inclination to do the major parts of the above myself, so am happy to pay a bit more to have someone do it for me.

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I recently had mine done at my local Brunel dealership which i was not impressed with! i had been paying for the service plan so about £210 in total and all they did was the oil i checked all the filters and nada the same old worn bits as before! :angry:

I would defo go with the garage you trust at least you will know what your paying for :)

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Perry's do their own Annual service which is less than the standard Ford service. The are a few other check items on the Ford Service schedule which I like and I've always got good service from my local Perry's. They offer a 15% off voucher for the ford service online. My local Ford dealer is normally cheaper especially on parts but Perry's have price matched or beaten. You can get an instant quite through the Shell servicing network http://carservicing.shell.co.uk/. Depends on which main dealers are part of the program! No harm in shopping around!

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Thanks guys. I checked that website and the nearest one is quite a way from me in Manchester city centre.

For anyone else reading this, I noticed that my preferred dealer does the gold/silver/bronze service so I've gone for gold (!) at £199 plus DPF additive at £100. Only difference is pollen filter, which I'm not too fussed about and will try to do myself, although I realise it's a nightmare so might just leave it!

Thanks for all the help so far on this rather boring topic!

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