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Engine Warning Light Help Needed Please


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Hi Folks,

I have a 2007 1.6 Focus. About 6 months ago it began running rough and the engine warning light would flash. The problem was intermittent. A mechanic changed the coil pack and the problem was solved.

Recently it's done it again but this time it's much worse. Out of the blue it lost a lot of power and the warning light flashed. As I drive it misfires and the light flashes. If I back off on the gas the engine becomes smooth again but the light comes on constantly. As soon as I try to accelerate hard the light flashes and it misfires, A garage checked the error code and said it was 'random misfire'. They suggested I changed the plugs and leads. I've done that and it's a lot better but still runs badly when I accelerate.

I have tried to reset the ACU by disconnecting the battery negative ( for 30 minutes) but when I reconnect it the engine light is still on!

So I have 2 questions....

1. Any idea what may be wrong with the car?

2. Why can't I reset the ACU?

Thanks for your help folks.

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Sorry I don't know what you mean when you ask if it's 2 or 2.5? I assume you don't mean engine size? (its 1,6). I've looked everywhere and I can't see a MAF - there is a round plate on the pipe leading from the air filter to the engine and in some photos I've seen the MAF sits at that point but on my car it's just blanked off. Maybe it's not fitted to my model?

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Well it turned out to be the couild pack yet again! Had it replaced and it's fine now.

This car seems to be no end of trouble - now the clutch has gone!!!!

The clutch does not bite until the pedal is almost all the way to the top and it slips while driving - I assume that means I need a new clutch :(

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It has some odd symptons. The clutch slips but it's also hard to get it into gear (the gears grind as if the clutch is not fully depressed). I was going to try bleeding it but I cant find the slave cylinder - anyone know where it is? Cheers.

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The issue you have where the gears are grinding even when you depress the clutch would be the pressure plate. You need to get that changed. However as a short bypass you can turn the engine off select 1st gear and start the car with the clutch depressed. You should be able to move off up to gear 3. To get into reverse do the same thing. But do get the pressure plate changed ASAP. Have the clutch check as well you might as well have both done together.

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