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Focus 2005/ 1.8 Tdci Servicing - Info / Advice Needed


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Im after some advice about servicing.This is my first Focus.

Short story on history:

I purchased a 1.8 TDCI late 2005 Focus back in Feb. Advertised with FSH.

After getting the car home, I could not locate the sevice book. Seller could not locate it.

No biggie

So, I want to get it serviced.

Car is just hitting 90k miles

What items should I get done.

Obviously oil change and filter (what type of oil?)

Air Filter ( is it a round one or a flat rectangular one?) Anyone used K&N filter or am I wasting money

Fuel Filter? Which type? I have been quoted £18-£45 depening which one

Glow Plugs (smoking when cold starting recently - now warmer weather not noticable - when should I change?

Anyone recommend an inexpensive location to have this done in Bedford or Milton Keynes ( or a national company name?)

Alternativly - are these things easy to do - Last car I tinkered with was a Mk3 Escort back in the early 90'!

The Cam belt was changed last September, and last week I had the DMF & Clutch changed.

Car has to last me a few years so I want to ensure I look after it.

All suggestions greatly welcomed.



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Hi Glenn,

You can put your reg/vin number into the ford etis wesite here:


This will tell you what needs doing. Cant really help with the other questions but im sure someone else can help.

Enjoy your new Focus!

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oil - 5w30 (5.6 litres with filter change)

mine is a rectangular one, but check inside your engine. - KN in my opinion is waste of money

fuel filter - basically its the round paper cartridge with rubber seal...check my link in sig

Glow plugs - use google for videos on how to test, if faulty replace.

clean the EGR, this can cause problems on this engine.

These are all easy if you have a haynes and some common sense :lol:

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You'll find a new fuel filter every year will be a good idea

The 1.8 seems to be hard on fuel filters and a manky filter causes an engine system fault warning when it clogs

Other than that it's bullet proof.

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