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Nicely Polished Today

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Last time I posted a car wash topic, I went into great detail about the items I used etc but can't be bothered with all that this time so I shall cut a long story short.

I use mostly car plan products (including wonder wheels) and after a good vac out I duly washed and it, dried it thoroughly with a drying towel, cleaned the windows, sprayed the tyres with tyre shine and then deployed car plan triplewax polish. One slightly damp microfibre cloth to apply and a dry one to buff it off afterwards. Made mincemeat of what I thought were paint chips and blitzed minor scratches.

Hard work but looking good:





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I don't normally like red cars but your fiesta is looking hot mate

Job well done

Now get yourself to nottingham and give my focus a going over cause I've just had a 4hour drive from wales and i'm too warn out to do it myself


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I washed and polished mine the other evening and it looks amazing, then the rain came on and the wind got strong and by morning it was covered in Salt and grime again. Also I think the birds around here have the runs cause by the other day it was splattered in white bird crap. So gave it a wash today so its clean again. Wonder how long that will last lol

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Washed mine this afternoon, I reckon the seagulls in my area are on laxatives.

Guarantee by tomorrow the car will be crap high again with !Removed!, tree blossom and road grime.

Don't know why I bother sometimes.

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Thanks chaps. I must say that the triplewax polish is great and only needs a small amount to cover a large area. Certainly smooth as silk when you run the back of your hand across it.

Frankly I am glad they have forecast heavy rain here for an hour or two tomorrow afternoon because the car won't be being driven in it and it serves to wash the dust away that has built up on the roads. By the time I drive to work on Monday, it will be dry again but the annoying dust will be no more. For a few days at least....

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