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New Key - 08 Focus


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I have a 08 Focus, my main key no longer opens the central locking. I replaced the battery and this improved for a little while, I then took it to ford who have said its the key that needs replacing and will be £187.00 +VAT.

Any idea where I can get this done Cheaper?


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ford are cheeky sods ford supply the key and send it to a locksmith to code it any auto locksmith in youre area can cut and code a new key even supp;y them as well personally buy one of these then get the auto locksmith to cut and code http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-FORD-GALAXY-MONDEO-FIESTA-FOCUS-REMOTE-FLIP-KEY-FOB-KEYFOB-3M5T15K601DB-/300893247376?pt=UK_Car_Accessories_Safety_Security&hash=item460ea29790

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Exactly what I was going to advise.

A Locksmith I call on and recommend in the South West is on a retainer to local Ford dealer and they call him in to do keys then charge customers far more than if they went directly to the Locksmith.

To put it into perspective, the Locksmith will cut, code and test the key for about half what Ford would charge.

TBH if the key still starts the car but is a bit ropey for remote locking/unlocking that would suggest that the immobiliser chip is still good but the buttons on the RCL circuit are worn.

Just buy a key with everything in it and transfer the transponder chip over and reprogram the RCL circuit which you can do yourself in minutes.

Which key you have will define what you need to do-

If it's one like this-


The chip is a glass tube in the top corner of the fob when you remove the key blade (horseshoe)

If like this-


The chip is as flat grey unit (known as a carbon chip) in the head of the key where the blade is and is a doddle to do as you just put the original blade head onto a new key body.

Be aware that the chips are not transferrable between the two key types as they're a totally different design.-


(first key type)


(second key type)

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timpsons are able to clone the code of your original key. they only do a basic key which does not have remote functions. you are forced to use the locks...This costs £70ish.

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Thanks for the replys. I wouldnt mind using the key but its that anoying initial alarm that goes off until you start the ignition. I have put up with this for about 6 weeks now and is starting to bug me.

Or the car alarm that goes off if anyone opens another door or the boot.

The key works fine as a normal key it is just the remote functions that are not working.

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There are repair kits on eBay which are just the circuit board and buttons for the RCL circuit but appear fiddly and likely to break.

TBH i still reckon your best option is to buy a new fob and transfer over your immobiliser chip and key blade.

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