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Knock From Front End


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I had a previous post for a knock coming from the front of the car under braking. I thought it was maybe faulty pads or a retaing clip/spring on the calipers, however these have both been tested and replaced this is not the case.

The scenario is, drive around, put the car in reverse, brake and there is 1 knock sound from the front end. Put the car back in drive, brake and 1 knock sound. It only does this one time in each position.

Took it to a local place last week and they did some checks and couldn't find anything loose underneath (bolts or the like), but didn't strip anything down so didn't charge me. They took the car out and did hear it though.

Me and the wife drove it back and forwards in our parking space over the weekend a bit and it sounds like it's coming from underneath the car (did it with the bonnet up incase it was coming from the engine bay). I think it is more to the passenger side but definitely sounds like underneath.

It is a mk2 LX Auto. I was wondering if it could be a bush or spacer of some kind that has worn out on a link or the anti-roll bar or something like that and that is what is doing it. It does only seems to do it under braking. I don't have access to ramps but is there is anything I can look for from the sides or any advice anyone could give it would be much appreciated.


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engine mounts..... gearbox mount.... driveshaft....front wishbones.....track rod ends.....strut top mount....any of those can be the culprit its a big complaint on all focis creaking and knocking from the suspension and extremely hard to find you can replace parts all day and still have the noise im afraid i had a knock similar to that under breaking ford went over and over it then it dissapeared the fact its under breaking means any of those listed may be at fault

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