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Brake Caliper Colour?


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Im looking to freshen things up a bit on the car, and the calipers are an eye sore.

What colour would you guys go for? I'm thinking black or silver?

Black wouldn't really be noticeable (not that I'm looking for them to stand out), but silver would give it that fresh clean look.

Here are the wheels;


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I've done mine dark blue with Hammerite smooth. Did my old Mondeo ZS calipers using it to tie in with the Ford logo on the centre cap, and did the same on my Focus as there's still loads left in the little tin. Ties in well with my car's body colour now (pic below), a nice silver as Art suggests might suit yours best as it'll look nice an clean.


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I went for black , only because I thought it was a safe bet ! They look smart too..

But I may do them red in the future once I put my zetec a body kit on!

Like someone else mention I would do black with the wheels you have to be honest... But your choice !!

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Thanks guys! I'm still undecided though!

I think if I went for black, it would look like I haven't done anything, where as with silver it would be more noticeable.

To be fair though, you can still see a lot of the caliper even behind the Ghia wheels.

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i painted mine using caliper paints...chose blue to give the car an ice/cool look...silver with blue.

I learnt a very valuable lesson...dont bother washing the brushes out. The water gets rid of the solvents, so it dries and when using your hands to clean the brushes...it gets on and dries...Well picture this... paint that wont blister or come off in 100+C degrees temp and is very hard to come off.

safe to say out came the brillo pad and half my skin lol

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