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Mk2 Square Stereo Dimension


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can anyone supply me some dimensions for the old square style headunit please

looking to follow this sort of guide


however my screen is 7inches wide so im looking to make something look factory but 7inches wide

any help?


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Havent found a head unit but I wae looking for something similar or the same to the pic above just got to make sure I can make something from it really to cover my screen

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whatever you get will need to have a flat face mate or it wont work

summin like this for example should work


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well i was going to use the headunit from the pic above (old mk2 radio), cut it down just like your guide and make something from it that will fit in my 7" screen, theres a gap of 10mm from the screen to the front edge of the plastic trim currently so ill use foam to pad that out

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