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Oil Leak - Advise Please


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Hi All,

This is my naivety coming through here.....

I found some oil underneath this pipe the other week...I cleaned it up and re-checked it again today and found more oil and what seems to be fresh.

I've taken the pipe off and tried to check for splits and cannot visually see any but did find oil inside the pipe.

Has anyone else come across this or what could be the problem?
Should there be oil inside this pipe?

Is this a breather pipe or what is it known as?


I have a 2.0TDCI Duratec engine on an '09 reg plate

Many Thanks guys/girls smile.png

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looks like its coming/going to the intercooler.

is the jubilee clip on tight enough? might be worthwhile changing it for a better jubilee clip - try a wider mikalor one ?

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The oil is out of the egr valve(the silver pipe on the right comes from it )A new clip will stop it or fit a blanking plate on the egr.


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Thanks guys :)

When I put the jubiliee clip back I did make sure it was super tight but if it does leak again I'll replace the clip.

I'm assuming then that the black pipe leads to the Intercooler...is it difficult to change for an upgraded pipe say a Samco? not sure if the bumper has to come off for that one?

Cheers :)

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you might find replacement silicon pipes on ebay or try siliconhoses.com

i think there is dph perfermance in derby that do hoses too, viper silicon hoses is another one!

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That's really good to know thanks for the recommendations.

Just one other thing - when I took the pipe off to clean it, the housing it attaches to seems to have a waste fate flap almostit was in what I would call an open position, would this be right? Is this the part that gives the whoosh when coming off the accelerater when you enthusiastically drive lol

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