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1.0 Ecoboost Titanium X Issues


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Recently purchased 1.0 ecoboost titanium x with drivers assist and sat nav.

Love the car but have had a couple of problems and looking for advice if anyone else has wittnessed these.

When pressing the on button for cruise control should the indicator in the dash light up as currently I only get an indication when I press on followed by the set button. This does not seem correct.

Also park assist warning is on if nothing even behind car or near the back.


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Cruise control is working correctly. Pressing ON does not activate cruise control but merely puts it in a 'ready' state. Pressing SET+ or SET- then sets the speed and the icon will illuminate on the speedo to show it's activate.

I believe the reason behind the 2 button press (ON then SET) is so you can't accidentally knock it and cruise in to the back of someone ;)

Once you've pressed ON once you can SET+/- & CAN/RES (cancel/resume) as many times as you like without pressing ON again. Only turning the engine off or pressing OFF means you have to press ON again.

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Thanks for the reply but the manual says press on and the light will illuminate.

I can understand the reason for two buttons for safety, however by not having an indication that it is on basically negates that safety net as you could inadvertently press the set button not knowing that you have previously pressed on.

On my Nissan there is an On indicator and a set indicator.

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The Fiesta also lacks an indicator for headlamps over sidelights (as does my focus in fact) I think it is just one of those things.

You are unlikely to make two accidental button presses and it come on without you noticing anyway.

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