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2007/08 Focus 1.8Tdci - What To Look Out For When Viewing


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I would like to be able to pick your brains please?

I'm looking for a new car and it's basically between a Focus and another manufacturer.

I'm specifically looking at a 2007/08 model Focus 1.8TDCi, there seem to be a few about in my region. Typical mileage will be around 55k-70k. Are there any specific things I should look for or be aware of on this model?

Does it have a DPF (I think not?) Had to replace one on our current 307 recently and still not right.

Are there any specific tests I should take when on road test?

I have tried looking for common faults but you always find every problem under the sun that somebody has had at some stage or other.

Many thanks to you all for your time and replies.

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Hi and welcome.

you should get yourself on to peugeotforums.com, they may be able to help with your 307 DPF issues.

anyways BTT. the 1.8TDCI does not have a DPF.

I would check all pipes to make sure none have obvious signs of damage or splits. (air con pipes the most)

Get the car up to speed on a motorway, feel for any juttering, sluggish behaviour and even worse...clutch issues (this has DMF)

Listen to the engine on cold idle and warm.

I would do the stalk trick to see if there is any DTC's logged. But the main one is EGR and that can be determined by a road test.

Other than that its the obvious things you should be looking for.

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The 1.8 TDCI does not have a DPF? This i great news if true :rolleyes:

I always thought it had one.

Anyways its a smashing car great to drive did 20,000 miles in my first year without any service and never an issue.

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You're all right re the DPF, a sod of a thing.

Are there any other specific things I should look for that past experience tells you on the 1.8?

Took a '58 Astra 1.7CDTi out yesterday and was very surprised how pokey it was.

Just trying to save my time and find some common issues that people have come across. If there aren't any then great, I'll take it for face value.

Thanks again for all your posts.

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Like i said ive had my for year now and did 20,000 without even looking at the oil, water or anything else, Took it for an MOT and service and the only thing wrong was the Headlights were out of line.

Pretty sure the only thing to be weary of is the EGR and Turbo otherwise pretty happy motering :)

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