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Thule/other Roof Rack For S-Max


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I want to get a roof rack for my 2012 S-max with panoramic roof.

The 2 options from thule are:

i) Fixed points without glass roof.

ii) No fixed points with glass roof.

My model has a panoramic roof AND the fixed points.......an option that does not seem to be catered for.

Can anyone advise which option I should use or indeed if I should steer clear of thule altogether and get a Ford or entirely different rack?



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from what i have read it is advisable to get the correct ford1 for your car ,as there has been reports of the glass breaking,and if you check your insurance some do not cover the pan roof.

i got mine from the friday ad as i too have the same roof.

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Go to a FORD dealer & buy from them.

The official FORD bars are made by thule but to a different specification than the Thule-branded ones.

The Thule-branded bars have been known to crack panoramic roofs - even when using the bars specifically made for panoramic roofs.

The Ford-branded bars have never been reported to crack the roof - providing you make sure you buy the panoramic version.

Don't take any chances buying the thule (non-Ford-branded) bars. It's not worth it.

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