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Excessive Wind Noise


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Noticed the other day that on the passenger side, there is excessive wind noise.

It has been there since I got the car, but it didn't bother me (even on the test drive, the salesman noted it lol) as I usually a) don't sit on that side and b) I have my music cranked up.

However, my dear ol'Mother found it quite annoying.

I'm just after any ideas as to what it could be.

There doesn't appear to be a draught around there from anywhere except the vents (all the vents set to blow through, not just isolated to the nearside vents when not selected). Also, the door appears to be well aligned - sat with a nice even gap all round of just a few mm.

Car is a Mk2.5

Many thanks

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I have also noticed this I have a mk2.5 5 dr,

I am not sure what it is... It a lot more noticeable on motorways and when it's a windy day as expected to be honest, but I am not sure either . It hasn't got to the point of annoying me yet but I am sure it will...I hope someone gets back to you on this one...

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Its a common issue ive got the same ford have checked the alignment seals etc to no avail i was told to get 1mm rubber tubing and feed it through the door seal they do this on the u.s for the same reason

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