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Fiesta Electrical Problems?


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Got bumped into the rear of my car a few weeks back, insurance company sent to a garage to get sorted, just minor damage, so they replaced the rear bumper. It's come back however with a load more problems, firstly the rear bumper is a different shade of blue which is ridiculous, but the main problems are the seat belt warning indicator and chime is always on even though the seat belt is fastened.

I've checked it with all of the seat belts fastened as well and same result. The radio doesn't work, it sounds like there's virtually no power going to it, you have to have it on full volume to even hear a little bit, it's the same using the auxiliary connection as well, so Speakers perhaps? The carpet in the passengers side has been lifted up as well looking like they've been looking at the wiring in and around the fuse box.

Finally, when turning left there's a high pitched screech when accelerating. Any ideas what could be causing these? And do you think the bump could of caused it or is it just a bad mechanic?!

Thanks in advance!


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question is, were these problems occuring after the knock but before car went for repair?

if not then garage should have never returned car till sorted...but, first point i would check is if the earth connections in the boot are sound...may have been disconnected when bumper was removed and either not refitted or have a poor connection..

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Sounds like the repair shop did a shoddy job...get it back and keep refusing to take it back until everything is sorted...In the end of the day the insurance companies will pay out.

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So the mechanic came and had a look, to be fair I don't think any of the issues are down to him and its just a coincidence probably unearthed further problems. the squeak from the right front is down to rust on the brake disc so it's flat then has a massive lip on the top.

More worryingly with the radio and seat belt indicator is there's no idea of what is wrong. The radio is wired live apparently and when he tried removing the radio fuse the radio would still play, is this something to be worried about?!

The warranty has just ended but I might still take it and see what they say about the radio if its a mess up by the garage, thoughts?

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