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What Brake Pads?

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Im looking to replace my brake pads. looking online I'm seeing there are quite a few different makes etc. I wondered if anyone could tell me who is best to go with? I don't want to be spending loads of money but at the same time I'm not going to skimp seeing as brakes are pretty important!! :)

Also where is best to buy them from?

One more thing at the risk of sounding stupid is there any merit to doing all 4 of them at once or is it okay to say do just fronts first then a month later or something the rears? I'm pretty new to doing a lot of car maintenance myself but lately I'm very up for new challenges and saving money!

Thanks in advance for any advice and help.

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i do all four at same time and have no issues..especially just before an MOT

I always use pagid and never have any problems. i usually buy from eurocarparts as they are normally cheaper then elsewhere as they advertise offers on the homepage.

If your doing brakes you always do them in axel sets...ie all front or all backs or all of them...you do not do one wheel and leave the rest! if that makes sense

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