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Stiff Gearbox On My 2003 Focus..


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Ever since I bought my 2003 Focus 1.6 Zetec, its had quite a stiff gearbox. There is very little movement when its in neutral and at times I struggle getting it into the correct gear. I was told when I bought the car it recently had a new clutch, the clutch is springy and feels new.

I was told to maybe lift the gaitor and put some engine oil in to try and lubricate it. Not tried this but thought I would see what others suggest?


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I wonder if the gearbox oil needs changing ?

or if it has something to do with the cable selector ?

I had another thought on this stu. There is a spring under the gaiter a neutral return spring, £7 might be broken and causing issues. long shot but worth a look. The surround just clips off.

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Is the gearbox supposed to feel quite tight? I have to say its the only car were you dont have a great deal of play in neutral. Iv been told its a feature of the gearbox on these cars?

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The focus is my first ford so I'm not sure, but mine's quite tight and glides nicely into gears. Didn't at first as the spring under the fairer was broken so you had to do kind of buy feel. But after a new spring and 10 mins work it puts the firmness back on the gear stick.

I would definitely check the spring under the gaitor cover its a quick look and a cheap fix and a common focus fault. I always start with the free then cheap faults hehe

I'm probably wrong but thought worth a mention, I guess it can be that the cables, a issue with the gearbox, or even gearbox oil change.

This is a pic of the spring http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=181007299106

put this in to the search on google "focus mk1 gear spring broken" and the 4th link down is a really good guide with clear pictures about changing it. Really is a 10 min job. I hope it is this as its a cheap fix.

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