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Knocking And Vibration After Clutch And Dmf Replacement


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I have just had my clutch and Dual Mass Fly Wheel (DMF) replaced on my 2005 (late 55 facelift) 1.8 TDCI

Since picking it up I get a Knocking noise when releasing clutch in any gear. Sound comes from near side of the car.

I am also getting a Vibration through clutch.

Any suggestions?

More history.

When they replaced the clutch they found they had the wrong DMF.
Refitted everything then took apart again to fit clutch and DMF.

When it came to re doing the clutch and flywheel the DMF was not fitted
correctly, resulting in the car dropping power and showing Engine System
Failure. Note: there was no knocking when changing gear.

Took car back. They refitted the DMF and the car drives fine apart from
the knocking when releasing clutch and the vibration. They said the
knocking was due to the teeth on the gearbox / clutch coming together
due to gap tolerances but I'm not sure I buy that.

I have scoured the forums which suggest possibly Gearbox mount. This is
possible I guess if they had to remove gearbox 3 times. But I'm not

Anyone had the same issue or suggest what the knocking is and the
vibration, I would appreciate it as I'm taking car back again on

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are you getting vibration when the clutch is pressed? if you are then it could be a faulty clutch - i had this and had it replaced again.

Only slightly. I feel it most when foot rests on clutch or half dipped

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Well Flying Clutchman.....2 new driveshafts.....yes...2 near sides changed. Issue still there. They now suspect its in the wheel hub somewhere. Had car on ramp and you can hear noise as well as feel it through driveshaft when under ramp. Car going back in for hub strip down. So far not cost me anything as on warranty...which runs out on the 14th May....:-/

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Car is now back - Apparantly they reused the Stretch Bolts - which is a no no.

They put new ones on and now I only hear a small clunk when reversing - I can live with that. Good to have my car back :-)

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